news letter

In 1996 Pastor Joaquin opened the doors to the home he was renting to men who needed a place to get back on their feet. They needed a place to heal and recover. The men came from all walks of life with different stories and backgrounds. The one thing they did have in common was that they needed a Savior. The house held daily bible studies and prayer nightly for the men of the home. The nightly studies and prayer began to catch the attention of other people and the home received its name "The Yellow House of Prayer." Pastor Joaquin had received a vision from the Lord many years back of opening a home where men, women and children could come in and receive help. Usually, these people were not welcomed in other places of worship but here at the Yellow House of Prayer they could belong.

1999 was a momentous year for the little church on Broadway, it had outgrown its humble location and needed a place to begin Sunday morning services. With the help of Pastor Joaquin's loyal friends and faithful family they began services at the "old bar" on Manchester.


Irma Garcia was the first member at the "Yellow House of Prayer" and she was also Pastor Joaquin's loving mother. She was the one who had prayed for her family and specifically for her children. Her influence drove Pastor Joaquin to continue at all costs. Her model of prayer has sustained the church and has been an inspiration to many. She went to be with her Lord in 2001 and believed in the vision till her last moments.

The vision remains the same, to bring those in from all walks of life in to a hope and future in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and give them a place to call HOME.



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